About Golden Trust UK (Lancashire)

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Golden Trust UK - An Independent Voluntary Digital Support Guide. East Lancashire based covering mainly Blackburn-Darwen- Accrington - Other. 

 An Innovative Online Guidance of Links to services for Adults to the right support in the community.

This includes services to support individuals, connecting people to recreation and social inclusion activities that help improve wellbeing, social connections and help overcome any vulnerabilities.

 Ensure opportunites for wellbeing, support or inclusion activities are well distributed or advertised

and increase community engagement. 

There are many individuals who would benefit from knowing about the opportunities to improve their health and wellbeing. 

 If we are all driving the same goal , circulating what is happening in the communities, it will reach more people who will benefit positively in their lives. 


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Legal Statement: 

Golden Trust UK Is an independant, unaffiliated organisation; not officially attached to or connected with any other organization, group or charity.  Any information or Links documented are purely from research, to inform people of services available to them.


About Me

I stand for Social Justice and Diversity. Social Justice refers to a fair and equitable division of resources, opportunities, and privileges in society.

I am passionate about my community and supporting each other. I have experience working in the social care sector. I use my interest in health and social care to fuel my volunteer work. I enjoy campaigns for raising awareness.  


I have personal, lived experience in a number of diagnosis/illnesses. These include Chronic Fatigue, Treatment Resistant Depression, Dissociative disorder, Adverse childhood experiences, and Autism Spectrum Disorder. 

I am also a Survivor of psychological abuse and trauma bond. I aim to advocate to raise awareness of this hidden form of destructive abuse and inform on the recovery process. 

My personal struggles and  life experience have fuelled my Compassion for helping others and being able to relate to individuals in the community. 

No-one should fall through the gaps in accessing support for their wellbeing. 

I hope Golden Trust UK can offer a source for hope, support and improved quality of life.



Management of Substance Misuse


Health & Social Care


MHFA Mental Health First Aid

ASIST Applied Suicide Intervention Skills Training 

Mental Health Awareness L2

First Aid L3

Trauma Informed Care

Dementia Awareness 

Outcomes Star for Adults

Motivational Interviewing Techniques 

Business Administration 

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